THANK YOU, Milwaukee yoga community!

THANK YOU, teachers and volunteers!

THANK YOU, Sponsors & Friends!

ThANK YOU, musicians & sound engineers!

THANK YOU, Museum team!

THANK YOU, photographers!

THANK YOU, Team Mala!

THANK YOU, Partners & families that allowed others to come to the mala!


On September 21 we held the 4th Annual Milwaukee Global Mala! Each year the Mala brings our yoga, meditation and kirtan community together overlooking Lake Michigan, united for global peace. In 2013 entrance donations supported the Milwaukee Art Museum, a non-profit cornerstone of our city's culture and a vibrant symbol of our shared belief in the importance of art, beauty and self-expression. This year's Mala also served to kick off for our first Annual Grant Fund Campaign. We can each actively join in with our yoga community to serve causes near and dear to each of us! Learn more HERE.

omTownYogis is Greater Milwaukee's yoga community hub, doing good through promoting conscious & healthy living through yoga.

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