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About Milwaukee Global Mala

OmTown Yogis presents the Milwaukee Global Mala each year since 2010. Popularly called "the Mala," the event brings local yoga community together, including yoga teachers and practitioners from all styles, studios, gyms and homes across Greater Milwaukee to unite for global peace and community. Inclusive & festive, it is part of the Global Mala Project.

The Global Mala Project...

is uniting yoga, service and collective action. The purpose of the project is to bring the global yoga community together from every continent, school and approach to form a "mala around the earth" through collective practices based upon the sacred cycle of 108 (108 Surya Namaskar, Mantra, Kriya, Meditation). - The Global Mala Project

The 2018 version of our tradition finds a home at the Milwaukee Art Museum, longtime friend and partner to omTown Yogis. This event could also be considered a *very special* Yoga @ the Museum offering. The morning begins with a few moments to register, receive a free Make-a-Mala kit with written and verbal instructions. This is followed by a guided meditation with the option of using the mala if you've made one. At 8:15 we'll begin gentle asana (stretching, movement, postures) to awaken, gather together breath, body & mind, and prepare for some sun salutations and other options. We'll practice with the shared intention of global, local and inner peace. We'll practice our sun salutations as a factor of 108, a sacred number across many traditions. This will be followed by rest in savasana.

PRE-REGISTER HERE VIA the Yoga @ the Museum page.

Proceeds support omTown Yogis' Annual Grant Fund, bringing high quality yoga & meditation instruction to those who otherwise have less access to it in our city. Together we can help make Greater Milwaukeeans more vibrant, happy and connected. Together we work to #makeMKEwhole.

About omTown Yogis

The Milwaukee Global Mala is brought to you by omTownYogis, a 501(c)3 non-profit volunteer organization dedicated to our local yoga community and Greater Milwaukee in general. omTownYogis seeks to do social good by broadening the practice of yoga, effectively supporting not only happier and healthy lifestyles, but also more conscious and conscientious living. We believe that this is a powerful force toward personal & community development. We work toward our mission by supporting yoga instructors and practitioners through community dialog, programs, tools and events. We host an online community for all yoga practitioners that serves as a virtual hub for communication and sharing: Other programs omTown Yogis conducts are Yoga @ the MuseumYoga @ the Parks and Om on the Roam.

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