September 12, 2013
Oh my the yogi goody bags are looking so GOOD(y)!!!

Lots of little surprises in there that any Milwaukee yogi is bound to enjoy!!!

I'd say what they are but then there goes the fun. Sooo, join TEAM MALA and get your very own goody bag.

It's way worth it!


September 5, 2013
Yes, we are trying our first ever Mala Raffle. It is so heartwarming to see the prizes streaming in! And prizes geared for the yoga practioner are so cool! Local studios offering free class packages, free massages, ayurvedic care baskets, meditation cushions. Om-my-gosh! All proceeds of course go to the Annual Grant Fund Campaign so ALL GOOD.
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Teacher Nominations IN, Teacher Invitations OUT!

August 31, 2013
This is possibly the most exciting piece of the planning of the Mala each year. That is, the unfolding of the teacher lineup. 

Nominations were sought via our newsletter, web site and Facebook. Over 200 names were entered and tallied up. 

There are 10 teacher spots and the confirmations are nearly all in! So far, these incredible teachers are for sure going to be leading us in our Surya Namaskar...

Pamela Bliss (will be serving as overall lead teacher for the 108 Surya Namaskar)
Paula Biasi

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Mala Kicks off our 1st Campaign for the Annual Grant Fund

August 24, 2013
With an astonishing number of applications this year for our grants, it has become obvious that Milwaukee yoga teachers have HUGE HEART and are ready and willing to bring yoga to underserved populations and organizations. Our plan is to help these teachers realize their visions of doing so by funding them. It's clear that we need to beef up our fund quite a bit to do this for realz.

We also want to begin to have impact at a larger scale. The Give Back Yoga Foundation out of Colorado has begun...
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4th Annual Mala: New Locale!

August 6, 2013
We so fortunate to be able to gather for another Milwaukee Global Mala and this time it will be under the wings of Windhover Hall in the Milwaukee Art Museum. Facing the Great Lake we can experience sunrise during our guided meditation just as in years past. Holding to tradition, we'll then begin to awaken our bodies with Gentle Yoga asana followed by 108 Sun Salutations, led by YogAsylum's Pamela Bliss and a diverse group of wonderful local teachers. Lastly as a culmination of the continual ...
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Growing the Mala

September 19, 2012
Most of the development of the Mala has been occurring over the last several months. Would have been fun to document that on this blog so you could see it unfold. Right now though is GO TIME! Lots of communication and final preparations in the scramble to the big day. 

Our teachers, sponsors, volunteers are nearly all prepped by now. Excitement in the air! With 25 volunteers (including the 12 teachers) and 10 sponsors, lots of communication makes up the majority of the to-do list. One final to...
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Tips n Tidbits

September 19, 2012
Click here for tips & tidbits to make your morning at the Mala even better!

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