Most of the development of the Mala has been occurring over the last several months. Would have been fun to document that on this blog so you could see it unfold. Right now though is GO TIME! Lots of communication and final preparations in the scramble to the big day. 

Our teachers, sponsors, volunteers are nearly all prepped by now. Excitement in the air! With 25 volunteers (including the 12 teachers) and 10 sponsors, lots of communication makes up the majority of the to-do list. One final touch is to work out whether we (actually a Big Terrific Friend of the Mala) will be able to serve hot tea. Cross fingers!!

Now I just need to run some last minute errands, print some signs, and pack up. This year's preparation has been smoother than last, less cramming now on the 3rd year. It's strange that I have time to write entries into a blog of all things!