With an astonishing number of applications this year for our grants, it has become obvious that Milwaukee yoga teachers have HUGE HEART and are ready and willing to bring yoga to underserved populations and organizations. Our plan is to help these teachers realize their visions of doing so by funding them. It's clear that we need to beef up our fund quite a bit to do this for realz.

We also want to begin to have impact at a larger scale. The Give Back Yoga Foundation out of Colorado has begun an initiative for scientific research that, if results conclude what you and I know they will, will effectively support the movement to bring yoga into mainstream healthcare. Think Asana as a doctor's prescription. Right ON! And think: who is compelled to make this happen? The insurance companies? The medical industry? The pharmaceutical industry? Some maybe more likely than others, but what about the yoga community!!! Well hell yeah. We really MUST make it happen. So it starts with empirical research. Sure there have been clinical studies, yes, but we need more data. More brain scans I tell ya, more powerful and compelling data to leverage into campaigns. We need this to bolster the case to institutionalize yoga as a healing modality in our country, if you'll allow me to frankenstein together Rob Schware's words (he's the founder of Give Back Yoga). So with their impressive track record and leadership, we have selected Give Back Yoga Foundation's Research Initiative as a major recipient of our fund.

LET'S DO IT!!!  Info on our Annual Grant Fund Campaign: http://omtownyogis.org/page/annual-grant-fund

p.s. I think I want to make a t-shirt that says, "More Brain Scans!"